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A better way to connect IPS stainless pipe.

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Piping takes time and time is money.

Stainless steel piping systems are essential to industrial operations. But shutting down production for pipe maintenance or repair usually results in major revenue loss.

Welding or threading stainless pipe connections can extend production downtime unnecessarily. Now you have a new option and a better way. Viega MegaPress IPS Stainless fittings.

What makes MegaPress Stainless a better way?

Using a specially designed tool and press jaws, one person can quickly and easily make MegaPress Stainless connections in seven seconds or less.

Installation time will be cut by 50% – 90%, dramatically reducing the potential for downtime and lost revenue.


  • Involves a specialist and heavy-duty equipment
  • Often demands fire watches and hot work permits
  • Additional expense of filler metal may be needed
  • Requires special safeguards for people and processes


  • A very time and labor intensive process
  • Pipe must be reamed, threaded, finished with sealant
  • Risk of contamination caused by cutting oil or filings
  • Must often be done remotely and brought on-site

MegaPress Stainless

  • Flame-free, safe in any enviroment
  • Smart Connect© helps identify unpressed connections
  • The safest, neatest and fastest way to keep revenue flowing!


in press fitting technology.

Viega is the leading innovator in press fitting technology, with millions of MegaPress and ProPress fittings installed worldwide in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Compared to any other pipe joining system, Viega fittings make it easier to keep projects on time and on budget.

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